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X-Art:Angelica-Introducing Angelica 1080p

This girl is beyond words. She is so unbelievably beautiful, powerful, graceful and sexual (well I tried to find some words). She is a dancer and an enchantress. To see her is to love her. Meet her here on a chilly evening as she gracefully slips out of a tight black cat-suit. Watch as her fingers find their way to… (more…)

X-ART:Heart & Soul-Connie

"It’s not what I feel for you, it’s what I don’t feel for anyone but you." Connie whispers this to her longtime boyfriend as they make passionate love in paradise. A beautiful HD video that I am sure you will all enjoy. Watch this gorgeous couple make love like only real soul mates can. A very romantic and hot video… (more…)

X-ART:Formidable Beauty

You could say the scenery in this video is of formidable beauty or that it is the couple. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the people and the place all have otherworldly and strong power. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. The location was on top of the world and awe inspiring in and of… (more…)

X-ART:By Myself-Baby

"When I was young I never needed anyone And makin’ love was just for fun Those days are gone ." Songwriters: BROONZY, WILLIAM LEE CONLEY Baby’s first solo scene EVER 😉 This is the first time that Baby has ever brought herself to orgasm in front of a camera. She is a true natural and everyone loves her, watch and… (more…)

X-ART:Prelude to Passion-Gianna

Hot and Wet would be the best way to describe stunning X-Art model Gianna in this awesome photo set. You’ve see her in action, now get to know her more intimately here. Enjoy her beautiful curvy body as she gets all wet in her cotton tank top and panties. Than watch as she sexily slides our of them and makes… (more…)

X-Art :Addison Tarde Espanola XXX 1080p x264

Tarde Espanola = A Spanish Afternoon. Which is exactly what Addison and Logan and enjoy on a beautiful and breezy day in Spain. Addison had just broken up with her boyfriend and Logan steps in to take her mind off it. After some oral pleasure and really passionate sex, it seems like these two may have become an item. Watch… (more…)

X-ART:Susie Kaylee-Finding Elysium

Elysium: where admission was initially reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. At X-Art we feel that Kaylee and Susie are as close to goddesses as anyone could get. If this magical place did exist you can imagine the goddesses pleasuring each other like Susie and Kaylee do here amidst soft, heavenly light. With their fingers, their… (more…)

X-Art :Ivy- Lovers Quarrel XXX 1080p MOV

Many couples have had them, you know those fights (sometimes brought on by a night of drinking and unfounded jealously). But what I’m wondering is how many of you have had the awesome, hot make-up sex that comes after?? Well here you can watch the drama and passion play out: as Ivy and her real guy exercise their acting chops… (more…)

TeenModels 12 11 12 Zoe L Fox Fists And Ladders XXX 1080p x264

  Fists and Ladders MP4/1.0GB

18OnlyGirls 12 11 13 Codie Tight Anal Abyss XXX 1080p x264

Tight Anal Abyss 20:07 feat. Codie MP4/1.2GB