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X-Art 13 04 25 Angelica:Getting Down XXX 1080p MP4

Stunning Russian beauty Angelica and her hot lover had a lot of fun while we shot this video. They choose some hip techno music to dance around and strip to and then continued making love to the beat! Watch this awesome couple get turned on by the music and then enjoy as he slides his think cock into her tight… (more…)

X-Art-13 04 19 Bunny And Scarlet: Fashion Models XXX 1080p MP4

I don’t know if any of you guys know this, but in my younger years (teens actually) I did a little bit of fashion modeling. When I never grew past 5’7 by 19 years old I retired. Anyway, so many of the photographers were such weirdos (obviously not all photographers are pompous a-holes LOL). Most are pretty cool. But, I… (more…)

X-Art -13 04 17 Presley :Rose Petals XXX 1080p MP4

Gorgeous girl next door Presley rides Logan until she cums on a bed of roses. Watch this perfect pair make-out, make love and cum hard. Highlights are: awesome oral performances from both. She gets really carried away riding him. He fucks her slowly from the side and finishes in her mouth. (Ok the roses are a little cheesy, yeah I… (more…)

X-Art -13 04 13 Bunny :Bottoms Up XXX 1080p MP4

She’s a wild one! She LOVES sex and has a really kinky side. In this EXTREMELY hot video watch Bunny have multiple orgasms while James pleasures her orally. Then he pushes his big cock in her tight pussy while she has her pretty glass toy in her ass (this was her idea). She loves to have sex like this in… (more…)

X-Art -13 04 11 Baby :Everlasting Friendship 1080p MOV

In this HD video Baby and Tyler have now become friends with benefits. They love making love to each other but sadly it doesn’t seem like it is going any further. Sometimes an everlasting friendship can be just as good as true love. Watch here as they expertly please each other. She knows just how he wants his cock sucked… (more…)

X-Art -13 04 07 Gianna: Apartment Number Four XXX 1080p MOV

Gianna is waiting for James in Apartment #4. This scene is as hot as the firing burning in the background. Watch them make out and make love. I would swear they are a real couple from the video (but they are not). But I can say that they were totally into each other and this makes for a steamy shoot… (more…)

X-Art- 13 04 05 Lexi And Mia M :Pretty Babies 1080p MP4

If you’d like to see some hot girl on girl action with two awesome all American beauties; who love the ladies… Then this HD Video is for you! This was the first time they had been together and Mia being new to the business was really excited to work with the legendary Lexi (let’s just say she knows what she’s… (more…)

X-Art -13 03 30 Kaylee:I Love X-Art 1080p MP4

Kaylee Loves X-Art! She even wrote it on the chalk board in her Madrid apartment. Another super fun video from this amazing couple. Great lighting and nice close-ups. Enjoy them enjoying each other! Kaylee ~ You love X-Art? We LOVE you!!! XO ~ Colette MP4/702MB

X-Art 13 04 02 Alice :Featherlight XXX 1080p MP4

Light as a feather, stiff as a board. Does anyone remember that game that kids play (or used to play)? When all of the kids put their hands under one person and try to levitate them… Well it would be pretty easy to do with Alice (she is a very petite "featherlight" girl). She and Seth get in a pillow… (more…)