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X-Art 13 05 25 Caprice: Marry Me Caprice XXX 1080p MP4

  Caprice is getting married! Well not really, but this is her actual boyfriend and they are shooting exclusive scenes for us at X-Art 😉 Watch this Amazing couple (they are truly stunning) as they have passionate wedding night sex. The emotions are so real that I can’t imagine it will be any better on their ACTUAL wedding night. (Really,… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 24 Capri Kiera And Scarlet: Happy Birthday Capri XXX 1080p MP4

Happy Birthday Capri! (And to me, my Birthday is this weekend 😉 This is another kind of silly and fun video that I produced and directed (haha, so not X-Art style, but we had fun and I think it will be fun to watch for a Birthday party LOL) Watch as Kiera and Scarlet sing Happy Birthday to their friend… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 22 Kiera :Snow White And The Prince XXX 1080p MP4

For some reason Kiera reminds me of Snow White and Jay the prince. See what happens at the end of the fairytale (the part that is #nsfw LOL) Kiera is a fun and wild girl. Watch as she teases and pleases Jay. Enjoy the contrast of his strong body and her tiny frame. A beautiful match! MP4/842MB

X-Art 13 05 21 Nadia: I Touch Myself XXX 1080p MP4

Nadia just turned 18 and contacted us to try out nude modeling. She was very shy at first, so we just let her go with the flow. Turns out she had a great time and a real orgasm in her masturbation video. She is a mid-western American girl with Russian heritage and a dancers body. Watch her make herself cum… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 18 Kaylee And Baby: Together At Last XXX 1080p MP4

Two exclusive X-Art superstars fly to meet each other in Madrid and the result is awesome in this HD Video! Both Kaylee and Baby had sex with a women (and a man for that matter) on camera for the first time at X-Art. Well they actually had sex with a man for the first time (on camera) for X-Art but… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 16 Lexi And Mia M :Truth Or Dare XXX 1080p MP4

HD Video! Truth or Dare? Do you remember playing that game as a kid? Have you ever played it with "grown-up" friends. This HD video will be another addition to the Naughty-Colette produced and directed collection. And I think the photos are really great too! Everyone had a lot of fun making it! (especially me 😉 Watch these two hot… (more…)

SexArt 13 05 25 Denisa Heaven Turning Point XXX 1080p MP4

Turning Point A young couple — obviously and abundantly in the throes of a new romance — cavort at the seaside. Their attraction to each other is readily apparent and as obvious to onlookers as those onlookers are invisible to the couple. They only have eyes for one another and they’re intoxicated with the opportunity to share these playful moments.… (more…)

SexArt 13 05 23 Lorena B And Tess B Be Mine XXX 1080p MP4

Be Mine Tess B is strolling, alone, through a bustling arcade one evening. A young couple, walking hand-in-hand, approaches. As they pass, Tess makes eye-contact with the striking brunette beauty. Sparks fly. A connection is made. But no words are spoken. The time of opportunity has passed. But wait! Here comes the gorgeous brunette — Lorena B — and her… (more…)

SexArt 13 05 21 Silvie Deluxe Senora And Jorge XXX 1080p MP4

Senora and Jorge It’s a story nearly as old as the institution of marriage, and it has been the inspiration for everything from poems to plays, as well as novels, soap operas, and major motion pictures. The characters in this classic triangle? An older man, wealthy and powerful. His beautiful young wife, a trophy, a prized possession, but neglected romantically… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 14 Lia Falling For You XXX 1080p MP4

Lia is in love. Watch what she does alone in her bed. She pushes her fingers inside her tight, wet pussy while she imagines her lover. Enjoy as she lets loose and has a very real orgasm. She is so into it she forgets we are even filming. She is making love to herself, the camera, her lover and you…… (more…)