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X-Art 13 06 10 Clover :Intimate Experience XXX 1080p MOV

Alone with Clover. She is a vision in white. We can’t get enough of this enchanting princess. Watch her strip for you. Then watch her perfect pussy pulse with contractions as she makes herself cum in HD. Clover is so real, she doesn’t know how to fake it. Very hot MOV/425MB

X-Art 13 06 07 Bunny And Alice: Bad Girls XXX 1080p MP4

Alice and Bunny are bad girls. I mean ‘bad’ in the BEST possible way 😉 They are hanging out and painting their nails when their friend comes over. The two love bunnies decide that they are horny and start taking advantage of him. A hot and spontaneous orgy ensues. Think of everything you would want in a threesome. It gets… (more…)

X-Art 13 06 04 Baby: Good Morning Baby XXX 1080p x264

Baby likes sex in the morning the best (I think a lot of girls do, I do anyway). Watch her and Tyler as they wake up together. He licks and sucks on her perfect little pussy and then she returns the favor by taking his hard cock in her mouth. When she is really wet, he pushes himself inside her… (more…)

X-Art 13 06 02 Lorena :Only Lorena XXX 1080p MP4

This amazing Spanish beauty finally graces us with her presence at X-Art! One of the hottest models we have ever worked with. Lorena is so innocent, yet so sexual and her smile lights up the entire room! We are hopelessly in love and you will be too. Watch her play with herself on the glass table. Super-cool effects and beautiful… (more…)

X-Art 13 06 01 Barbie: Rolling In The Sheets XXX 1080p MOV

Lucky Barbie is one of the first European ladies to meet up with US superstar James Deen. I have to say how pleasantly surprised I was at how real and passionate all of his scenes turned out. They start by kissing and staring into each others eyes. You can feel the heat and desire from them both. Then he expertly… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 30 Elle Mia M:Elle Hearts Girls

Watch two of the best girls in California (or actually the world) make each other cum like crazy. A lazy Ventura County beach day, they are laying on the couch after some frolicking in the pool wearing borrowed t-shirts (Elle has on mine and Mia has on Brig’s). Soon their fingers find the way into each others pussies and their… (more…)

SexArt 13 06 01 Victoria Blaze Room No 023 XXX 1080p MP4

Room No. 023 It is room like so many others in hotels all around the world. Drawn blinds, a bed, a locked door. No matter how basic or how luxurious, a hotel room suggests a certain level of anonymity, privacy, secrecy, and a here today/gone tomorrow transient quality. In Andrej Lupin’s "Room No. 023" a mysterious hotel room plays an… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 27 Susie And Ivy: A Wonderful World XXX 1080p MP4

Beautiful or Wonderful, this HD video is both! Sharing is caring Ivy and Sebastian are totally in love, but that doesn’t mean that Ivy isn’t ok with giving a little present to her man every now and then. Today the offering is Susie, lucky guy! Watch as experienced lovers Ivy and Sebastian lead Susie in an erotic dance. It is… (more…)