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X-Art – Jenna "Sexy and Wild"

X-Art – Jenna "Sexy and Wild" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 15.9.2014 If you have not yet combined oral skills with gymnastics, it’s about time. Let Jenna show us how to receive some and give some, as she and Jake get all limber in the Brazilian heat… I know I would like to try… So how about a headstand to start… (more…)

X-Art – Jenna "Early Morning Orgasm"

X-Art – Jenna "Early Morning Orgasm" Mp4 |!080p | 7.9.2014 Just a short year ago (well a little more I think and it seems like 10 years ago). Anyway, at this time the sublime Jenna came onto the X-Art scene, and she’s rocked your world (and ours) ever since. Quickly becoming a staple at the house (like bread and milk)… (more…)

X-Art : Jenna "Dripping Desires"

X-Art – Jenna "Dripping Desires" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 17.10.2014 The flirting and frolicking of an afternoon at the winery continues into the evening with Jenna and Tyler. The vino seems to have gotten these two hot and horny because as soon as they make it to the bedroom, it’s all over (meaning the fun has just begun). The heat… (more…)

X-Art : Julie "Our Little Cottage"

X-Art – Julie "Our Little Cottage" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 5.9.2014 Julie and George like to get away on romantic little weekend trips. Lucky for us, we were able to join them for an evening (and capture some incredibly HOT sex!) Julie starts things off with a flirty show and then climbs on her man to show him how bad… (more…)

X-Art : The Red Fox , Kim "Double Oh Heaven"

X-Art – The Red Fox , Kim "Double Oh Heaven" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 15.10.2014 Secret agents Kim and The Red Fox embark on a covert mission to capture and seduce the a man. Their plan starts out with some diversion tactics but quickly falls apart as these erotically-inclined agents become extremely wet and horny. Before they know it, theyare… (more…)

X-Art : Alina "Spanish Heat"

X-Art – Alina "Spanish Heat" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 13.10.2014 It’s always a good time to strip down in this late summer heat — especially when you’re in company of our newest Spanish sex babe Alina and her handsome hunk Fernando. This little hot tamale will make you drool from the second she crawls on top of her man with… (more…)

X-Art : Caprice , Angelica "Awe Inspiring Orgy"

X-Art – Caprice, Angelica "Awe Inspiring Orgy" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 11.10.2014 To continue where the goddesses left off, they decide to have some HOT group sex. I mean wouldn’t you if you looked like Caprice or Angelica (how could you not want to fuck yourself and everyone else all the time). Interested in joining in? There is some impressive… (more…)

X-Art – Miu "Can’t Let Go"

X-Art – Miu "Can’t Let Go" MP4 | 1080p,720p | 10.10.2014 Once in a while, there’s that special thing that enters your universe and you are instantly drawn to it. I’ve always felt the most powerful of these attractions to be sexual in nature. And what perfect example we have to demonstrate this science than our newest beauty Miu! She… (more…)

X-Art : Marica "Serving Seduction"

X-Art – Marica "Serving Seduction" MP4 | 1080p,720p,540p | 8.10.2014 After a long day’s work, what’s better than to sit back, relax, maybe light a cigar, and have a HOT girl in lingerie and leather serve you an ice cold cocktail? Marica shows Ramon just what she has in mind and deep-throats his big hard cock. This petite little thing… (more…)

X-Art – Pam, Aika "Instant Erotica"

X-Art – Pam, Aika "Instant Erotica" MP4 | 1080p,720p 6.10.2014