Category Archives: X-Art – Nella Jones – Workout Sex And Unbelievable Orgasms

Nella just got home from a swaety workout and walks in to find Ricky looking hot. You can see from the look in her eye where this is going. She doesn’t even bother to shower before she jumps on top of him and they have a marathon of multi-orgasmic sexcapades! Ypu have to see for y0ourself! This video alone is… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones And Katie Jayne – Deux Jeunes Lesbiennes

Nella’s first time with a girl was on camera for X-Art. Since that time, she seems to really like it. Both of these stunning girls are true bisexuals. They LOVE sex with men or women. As long as they have an orgasm, they are open. Seems to be go with the times! But this scene is not like any other.… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones & Vera "Lingerie or Lesbian Lovers"

Vera and Nella love playing dress up! They try on a few different outfits and then look at each other and think, "wow, we look hot". As they both just started erotic work neither had been with a girl too many times. But since this is only Vera’s second time with the softer sex, Nella has to take charge and… (more…)

X-Art – Vera "Sex After Work"

Vera is a truly tiny girl. She has been working as a secretary for most of her life and now close to 30 years old, she decides to try out sex for money. She has always had this fantasy. So on Friday night when she gets back from work she calls her friend Rob, who she knows is in the… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones , Tiny Blonde "Hot Sex Romantic Evening"

Nella Jones is really an amazing girl. At just 21 years old, she is gorgeous, smart, accomplished and a little nympho! She has every guy in the erotic business and otherwise begging to have sex with her! I guess I’m biased since she’s also my personal assistant. But I do think she is the most beautiful, intelligent and fun girl… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones "Sexy Surfing Lessons"

Kendall and Tyler have been secretly fantasizing about each other since the day she had her first surfing lesson. The fantasy finally became a reality, and the two of them couldn’t help but cut the lesson short and fuck on the beach! Watch as Tyler teaches blonde beach-babe Kendall more than just how to surf 😉

X-Art – Katie Jayne "In Love or Lust"

Katie and Isiah are totally in love,. They have been trying to work it out for a long time. But she is from UK and he’s from California. So as hard as they try, they just can’t seem to make the time difference make sense. The only issue is they have the HOTTEST sex that either has ever had! Every… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones "Fashion Show Fucking"

Nella and Tyler started having a little “friends with benefits” fling this Summer when he gave her the first surfing lesson she ever had. Now they are back for more hot sex. And what can be hotter than when two young, models are totally into each other.Watch as she walks out head to toe in designer mink and red bottom… (more…)

X-Art – Nella Jones & Nikki Peaches "HOT Blondes 21st Birthday Celebration"

It’s Holiday Season AND it’s our exclusive model Nella’s 21st Birthday! She celebrated with her first glass of champagne with one of her favorite bisexual friends (and another of our favorite models), the juicy peach that is Nikki!So what do you get when you have two stunning blondes with a little bubbly gone to their heads and some hot girl… (more…)

X-Art – Nikki & Peaches "Three is NOT a Crowd"

Seth is busy working. And Nikki is feeling REALLY horny. She tries to excite him with her perfect body and sexy lingerie, but it’s no use. Can you believe it? Lucky Nikki forgot she invited her HOT friend Charity over. She quickly gets Charity to agree to a threesome and strips her down to her panties.Now Seth decides to take… (more…)

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