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X-Art – Sophi "A Girl Can Dream"

Sophi is having a night in alone, dressing up, watching her favorite x-art video, dreaming of being a part of the next threesome. It definitely turns her on watching such a hot orgasm and she begins to fantasize what her turn will be like. Watch her warm up her tight, wet, pussy and have an intense orgasm using her pink… (more…)

X-Art – Susie "Sexy Movies Cum Inside"

Date night at home could be boring unless you have a hot blonde porn star to enjoy the evening with. And especially when that sex siren is Susie. An infectious flirty smile, and an inclination for ALL things sexual. She’ll get you to stop watching the movie and focus entirely on her. Fuck her, lick her, choke her. Take your… (more…)

X-Art – Talia & Vanna "Lesbian Pillow Fight Fantasy"

I think every guy AND girl out there has had a little bit of a fantasy of hot girls having a pillow fight on a sleepover. It really is one of the sexiest thoughts because we all know it leads to some intimate touching and well… sometimes the hottest ending. Talia and Vanna are good friends that have actually been… (more…)

X-Art – Kenna, Kendall Rae "My First Video Is A Threesome

  When fashion model Kendall came to us for casting, we were instantly in love. From the runways of Milan, this sweet, leggy 19 year old is as beautiful as she WAS sexually inexperienced. She had never been with a woman, never used a vibrator, never had anal sex and definitely never had a threesome. Kenna James just happened to… (more…)

X-Art – Tiffany Tatum & Amaris "Sex And Fashion A Threeway Project"

Tiffany and Amaris have been booked for a photo shoot with a very well known photographer. They are both hot up and coming models who find each other so sexy during the shoot that they end up getting a little closer than intended. Their photographer is really turned on and can’t wait to show them the pictures. The girls love… (more…)

X-Art – Talia "Cumming On Myself"

Sexy Ukrainian Talia has come inside for some ice cream; to cool off after a walk in the sweltering summer heat. The cool smooth taste on her lips immediately starts to get her horny. Not sure why, but it does (so let’s go with that). So she slips off her panties and feels her hot pink (tiny) pussy. Her crystal… (more…)

X-Art – Sybil "Teach Me About Sex"

Who hasn’t had a crush on their teacher or tutor at some point in their life? Especially when that tutor could have looked like Jake! Sybil could have only been excited when her real life boyfriend (Jake obviously) wanted to play some teacher/student sex games. After some flirting, he starts reaching for parts a teacher never should under their kitchen… (more…)

X-Art – Lolita "Real Life Lolita"

A beautiful young “Lolita” style girl is reading a magazine on the lawn, lounging on a pink towel by a pool. Water sprinkles in the background. She plays with her cute yellow sunglasses. She kicks up water to entertain herself and watches as the drips land on her perfect long coltish, tan legs. She decides to take off her Bikini… (more…)

X-Art – Jenna & Paige "Sex With Gymnasts"

Jenna came to visit us and requested some hot girl on girl action. We loved the idea to introduce her to Paige. This was the first time they had been together and Paige, being new to the business was really excited to work with the legendary Jenna(let’s just say she knows what she is doing). Watch Paige and Jenna passiontely… (more…)

X-Art – Aislin & Alyssia "Dolled Up For Hot Lesbian Sex"

Eastern European beauties Aislin and Alyssia have been friends for a long time, but they both have wanted something more. Tonight they are acting like teenagers and doing each other’s makeup but they both have a bit of naughty intentions. A slight touch of the lip and these two hot girlfriends let their inhibitions loose. They both can’t believe this… (more…)