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X-Art – Sophie Sparks "Strip Tease: Making Me Cum"

Sophie is a stunning and sexy lady in red. Sophie starts to get horny as she’s crawling into bed and can’t help but caress her perfect body. She slowly slips her hand down to her pussy, pleasuring and bringing herself to squealing orgasms multiple times!! MP4/658MB

X-Art – Kenna & Kendall Rae "Hot Blondes: First Time Lesbian Experience"

Cum enjoy Kendall’s sexy and steamy first time girl on girl experience. Kenna teaches Kendall how fun it can be with a girl in bed and Kendall certainly agrees! Watch as both of these hot blondes reach multiple passion filled orgasms! MP4/940MB

X-Art – Kendall Rae "Sex, Love, and Rock N’ Roll"

Hi everyone! It’s Kendall here. This is my very first video I have ever done. Before coming to X-Art I was so sexually inexperienced. I had never used toys, been with a girl, or been filmed on camera. Watch as I explore my sexuality, while reaching multiple hot orgasms. I enjoyed it so much and I know you will too!… (more…)

X-Art – Jade "Tight Teen Fucks Herself"

Jade was just about to head out to a party when she started to become a little horny. She couldn’t resist and began playing with her tight, little pussy. Watch as this hot teen fucks herself, bringing herself to a hot orgasm multiple times! MP4/425MB

X-Art – Paige "California Couple Cumming"

Supermodel Paige is enjoying her time laying out in a cabana, watching the beautiful ocean views in Malibu. As she’s soaking up the sun, she can’t help but feel horny as she’s anticipating her boyfriend’s arrival back home. Paige was so turned on thinking about him, she just couldn’t wait and began touching herself. As she’s giving herself an orgasm,… (more…)

X-Art – Kendall Rae & Hanna "First Time, 18, Tight and Tiny"

Join in while 18-year old Hannah has her first ever lesbian experience with X-Art model Kendall Rae. Watch as Kendall teaches Hannah how to use fingers, toys, and tongues to give the hottest orgasms you’ve ever seen to the softer sex. If you want to learn how to make a woman cum like crazy, don’t miss this video! It’s a… (more…)

X-Art – Paige "18 Year Old Sex With Myself"

Paige was tired of sitting inside and decided to step out and cool off in the afternoon breeze. She gets goosebumps as she looks out over the ocean and it makes her feel a little horny. Gently caressing her nipples, she quickly is in the mood to get her pink pussy hot and wet.  Cum inside and watch her have… (more…)

X-Art – Kendall Rae "Sexy Surfing Lessons"

Kendall and Tyler have been secretly fantasizing about each other since the day she had her first surfing lesson. The fantasy finally became a reality, and the two of them couldn’t help but cut the lesson short and fuck on the beach! Watch as Tyler teaches blonde beach-babe Kendall more than just how to surf.

X-Art – Sybil "Hot Fucking with Sexy Sybil and Jake"

Exclusive to, Sybil and Jake are both stunning and the sex doesn’t get any hotter than this. They have, what people would refer to as classically beautiful features. Sybil is sitting on the couch reading her favorite book and beginning to get turned on as she watches her boyfriend Jake trim the garden, shirtless. Jake comes over and surprises… (more…)

X-Art – Sybil & Lexy "Russian Models Lesbian Sex"

Remember how fun it was to play hide and seek when you were young? Try playing it with a couple of hot Russian brunettes who are super horny. Sybil and Lexy are good friends who sometimes get a little flirty and take it to the next level. Today their playful game has turned into a fuck-fest. Watch them get each… (more…)