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X-Art – Katy And Amaris "Good Day For A Poolside Threesome"

When is it not a good day for a poolside threesome you ask? Well never. I guess. Ha. Well it couldn’t get any better with gorgeous, blonde, Czech beauty Amaris, stunning long legged and thin Kim and a guy who looks just good enough that it could just as easily be you in here. Again I picked the music for… (more…)

X-Art – Kim & Kaisa "Cum in for a THREESOME Tiger"

It’s been a while since we’ve had a threesome. At X-Art I mean lol So I thought it would be great to come back with a REALLy hot one! Kaisa and Kim are SO hot for each other and Levon is plenty of man for both of them. Now I know you guys might nit all approve of Levon. But… (more…)

X-Art – Katy "Meant To Be Forever Sex"

Sometimes you see a couple and you just know. The romance, that original lust that will possibly never end. When you watch these two, you will know that "meant to be" feeling. The sex is HOT and the cinematography is stunning! In original X-Art style with stunning models and true emotions this is one video you will want to download… (more…)

X-Art – Sybil "My Sweet Baby"

Sybil is probably one of the most beautiful and hottest women in the world. I really love this video. I picked the music track. You can imagine what it would be like dancing around with Sybil and what comes next. Take in her perfection. Relax and enjoy !!!

X-Art – Cornelia "Hot Breakfast Sex"

Watch as Cornelia licks and plays with every color of fruit in the fruit salad and orange juice she is making for her lover. It is a stunning show of colors and stripping that NO ONE could resist! When Jack comes in for breakfast, he loses it and they just go at it like you’ve never seen! Really enjoy the… (more…)

X-Art – Lilliane "Content Creator to WATCH!"

ane is one of the hottest models in the world in my opinion! I mean seriously what would you pay to cam with her? She has the most awesome orgasms and she is not shy. And it doesn’t hurt that she is sweet and sexy as hell. She let’s us video her web show. Be there with me. XOXO Colette

X-Art – Sybil "Moonlight Sex Games"

Sybil is sound asleep with Charles when she starts to have an intense sex dream. Charles is awakened to see her rubbing her pussy into a hot orgasm in the moonlight. He is so turned on watching but waits until the morning to tell her what he witnessed. Of course he wants to continue what she started. Watch these two… (more…)

X-Art – Dominica "Russian Risky Business"

Who hasn’t seen the best 80’s movie "Risky Business"? Well, Dominica has seen it and she loves it! She has her own fun doing some reenacting and dancing but starts to get a little naughty…and horny. Watch her slip out of her short shorts and take her hot pink dildo deep into her little pussy. She is so hot to… (more…)

X-Art – Dominica "Phone Sex Vs Text Sex"

Dominica is a fiery Ukranian girl who has moved to Europe and can’t stop thinking about her lover back home. She starts to write him a letter the old fashioned way but all it does is make her even more horny. Lucky for us she slips out of her little white dress and shows us her perfect pink pussy. This… (more…)

X-Art – Malena A "Foxy Lady Has A Tail"