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X-Art :Still With Me – Kaylee [1080p]

Kaylee and Kyle are still together. After their first time. After losing their virginity to each other. And after everyone else has tried to convince them to share their sexuality with other companies. Bu it is only here with our family at X-Art that you will be able to join Kaylee and Kyle on their journey through their beautiful and… (more…)

X-Art :Caprice-Casual Sex 1080p

In the early 80’s sex was still a good way to meet new people. ~ Stacy 1988 Caprice and Ivana are hanging out together and feeling a little sexually frustrated, so they decide to go to work on each and bring on some orgasms. Ivana wants to take it a little further so she invited over her friend Jacob to… (more…)

X-Art :Gianna -Ibiza Love

Imagine a chill afternoon on the island of Ibiza with one of the most gorgeous girls on the planet. And she is insanely hot for you! Watch Gianna show Tyler just how much she wants him as she slides his huge cock down her throat and then rides him until she cums. Finally, she slides off him and finishes him… (more…)

X-Art: Mira-Poolside Passion

Mira’s first sex scene EVER! She insisted that it be with Mr. X Need we say more? Love, Colette MOV/804MB

X-Art :Baby A Day To Remember XXX 1080p

Imagine cruising the ocean in a sleek motor yacht with an even sleeker blonde as your passenger. This is actually Baby’s first sex scene EVER. The one with Tyler "Young Passion" was filmed the day after this one. Here you can watch as Logan pleases her with his oral skills and she does the same for him. Until the ocean,… (more…)

X-Art:Mira-Flexible Beauty 1080p

Introducing our gorgeous new X-Art model Mira. She was a gymnast for 15 years before she decided to try nude modeling. You may have seen her nude on a few soft sites but never anything more. Well for us, Mira decided to try a masturbation video, then some girl/girl action and her first sex scene ever on camera. She liked… (more…)

X-Art:Young Passion-Baby

Baby is a beautiful Latvian blonde who speaks perfect English. And let me tell you, we are all in love! Including Tyler (well I think so, he would have to confirm it). But watch the video and see what you think. Watch them make passionate and real love. Enjoy their young, lithe bodies as they ravish each other with raw… (more…)


Diana is another gorgeous ‘girl next door type’, who decided to try nude modeling just for X-Art. A soccer (football) player in high school, she is spending the year abroad during her first year in University. Some of her friends told her about X-Art, so she contacted us to see if we would hire her. She was pretty shy at… (more…)

X-Art:Ariel-Red Hot

What more can we say… Ariel is Red Hot! She loves to be watched. Indulge her MOV/351MB

X-ART:Dangerous Game-Jasmine

Jasmine is a secretary during the day. She came to us and asked if she could act out one of her sexual fantasies for X-Art. Of course we said yes. She wanted to be a secret agent and have a romantic and passionate tryst with Tyler. So we let her act our her fantasy. Watch this hot couple as takes… (more…)