X-ART:Working Out Together



Kristen and her boyfriend go for an afternoon run.
When no one is looking they settle on a park bench.
He pulls down her gym shorts and starts fingering her until she’s wet. Then he can’t resist her taste and moves his tongue over her sensitive parts. She has an orgasm from the stimulation and excitement of being outdoors and pumped from the workout.
He turns her over and enters her from behind (literally).
It’s always a good idea to workout together…
P.S. If you don’t like anal, then skip the end (you can still watch the first part).
P.P.S. I find nothing wrong with anal when done properly, but everyone is welcome to their opinions.



X-Art :12 12 08 Susie Baby- And Then They Were Three XXX 1080p


Baby enjoyed exploring men and women at X-Art and now she wants to try her first threesome.
We asked her to choose and she requested Susie.
Who could blame her. Susie is an exquisite, sexual creature and she knows how to show Baby the ways of the world.
Baby’s exclusive partner Tyler is the lucky man who gets to experience her first time.
See how they do.
And then they were three…



18OnlyGirls :12 12 07 Alexis And Alina A Special Gift


A Special Gift
26:27 feat. Alexis,Ilina



X-Art :12 12 04 Beatrice – Cum With Me 1080p x264


And that is exactly what Beatrice wants: For you to cum with her.
Our beautiful 24 year old woman/girl makes her second appearance at X-Art.
Tonight she is on her own with candles lit and she is thinking of you (or me) or whoever is watching this 😉
Something is just so extremely enticing about her. It may be her soft, pale skin or her large breasts on her petite frame. Or maybe it is just her raw sexuality.
You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean. She really is worth it and she really did cum. Hope you do too (with her). XO ~ Colette



TeenModels :12 12 03 Zuzahne Glass Funky


Glass funky
model: Zuzahne
Tags: Big Tits Insertions Dildo Brunette Solo
Zuzahne has a stunning body and a great smile! She truly is a beauty to watch! Don’t miss her as she pleasures herself on the living room floor!



18OnlyGirls: 12 12 03 Gloria-Stroking My Muffin


Stroking My Muffin



SexArt:Cameron Canada Sexart Ink


SexArt Ink

To quote the awesome and eternal movie, Risky Business, “Every now and then you just have to say, what the fuck.” So today I say, what the fuck. You see, not long ago a woman walked into my office at SexArt. Her name was Cameron Canada and wow was she awesome. Just around 5 feet tall, this little blonde charmed the smile right out of my heart. Her smile was infectious and her body was like a Mona Lisa. I was sure I was about to cast…

Runtime: 17:33
Director: Bo Llanberris
Cast: Cameron Canada & William Corazon
Executive Producer: Alan Russell
Producer: MetArt Films
Cinematographer: Hiro
Editor: Bo Llanberris



X-Art :Anneli And Baby-Loving Angels XXX 1080p MOV


We are in heaven and we are loving angels.
You must see these girls together to believe this.
Honestly, you may feel transported to another world.
Enjoy the ethereal, unreal beauty of these two exquisite blonde angels as they make each other cum.
They discover and delight in their similar bodies. Like sisters or twins (but they obviously are not related because that would be weird).
Anyway, if you are a member check out this HD video and see what I mean….



X-Art:Angelica-Introducing Angelica 1080p


This girl is beyond words.
She is so unbelievably beautiful, powerful, graceful and sexual (well I tried to find some words).
She is a dancer and an enchantress. To see her is to love her.
Meet her here on a chilly evening as she gracefully slips out of a tight black cat-suit. Watch as her fingers find their way to her already wet pussy.
And then notice how she truly loves to be watched while she cums.
We all decided that she is definitely one the best models we’ve EVER worked with, if not the best!
Enjoy her first HD video for X-Art.
Lots more Angelica to come VERY soon (in BG and GG scenes too)!



X-ART:Heart & Soul-Connie

"It’s not what I feel for you, it’s what I don’t feel for anyone but you."
Connie whispers this to her longtime boyfriend as they make passionate love in paradise.
A beautiful HD video that I am sure you will all enjoy.
Watch this gorgeous couple make love like only real soul mates can.
A very romantic and hot video at the same time.
Enjoy Connie’s gorgeous curvy body and large breasts as she handles her lover’s huge cock.
I can say "cock" and still be romantic right?? LOL
Well, you’ll just have to watch the HD video and let me know if "cock" and "romantic" are OK to be used together in one description??
Love, Colette