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X-Art: Made for Each Other Kaylee 720p | 1080p HD

Date: Jul 31, 2013 Model(s): Kaylee HD Video: It has already been proven that Kaylee and Kyle are made for each other (that is a fact). See them here in all their glory. Making love as her perfect breasts sway in nature. We absolutely love this X-Art exclusive beauty! Kaylee is made for X-Art Release Name: X-Art Made for Each… (more…)

X-ART:Going Strong

Still together and committed and going strong after all this time! Sexy Kaylee is back again showing us all how to have hot sex! This couple is really a dream come true! Watch them make each other cum again and again. They love to be watched. MOV/887MB

X-ART:Dark Desires

We all have them, don’t we? Dark desires I mean. Well Kaylee is no stranger to getting in bed and letting her mind run wild. Watch her here in this HOT solo video we shot of her in Madrid. See if you can figure out what is in the head of this rocker chick while she cums. She is the… (more…)

X-Art 13 05 18 Kaylee And Baby: Together At Last XXX 1080p MP4

Two exclusive X-Art superstars fly to meet each other in Madrid and the result is awesome in this HD Video! Both Kaylee and Baby had sex with a women (and a man for that matter) on camera for the first time at X-Art. Well they actually had sex with a man for the first time (on camera) for X-Art but… (more…)

X-Art -13 03 30 Kaylee:I Love X-Art 1080p MP4

Kaylee Loves X-Art! She even wrote it on the chalk board in her Madrid apartment. Another super fun video from this amazing couple. Great lighting and nice close-ups. Enjoy them enjoying each other! Kaylee ~ You love X-Art? We LOVE you!!! XO ~ Colette MP4/702MB

X-ART:Susie Kaylee-Finding Elysium

Elysium: where admission was initially reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. At X-Art we feel that Kaylee and Susie are as close to goddesses as anyone could get. If this magical place did exist you can imagine the goddesses pleasuring each other like Susie and Kaylee do here amidst soft, heavenly light. With their fingers, their… (more…)

X-Art :Still With Me – Kaylee [1080p]

Kaylee and Kyle are still together. After their first time. After losing their virginity to each other. And after everyone else has tried to convince them to share their sexuality with other companies. Bu it is only here with our family at X-Art that you will be able to join Kaylee and Kyle on their journey through their beautiful and… (more…)

X-ART:First Love-Kaylee

They say you never forget your first love. Or your first time. And if they happen to be with the same person then I guess you really never forget! Kaylee’s first love – in all meanings of the phrase is Ian and they are together on camera for the first time (only for X-Art). They start with some surprisingly adept… (more…)

X-ATR:Underwater Lover-Silvie,Kaylee

Kaylee and Silvie make love under water. It is only Kaylee’s second time with a girl, but her bisexual side seems to be flourishing ; Both of them being so gorgeous, it is no wonder that their lesbian inclinations were incited while shooting this scene. I mean what woman or man could resist the softer sex if they were naked… (more…)

X-Art :Leila & Kaylee-Close To The Edge

Wow! Leila and Kaylee! What an awesome combination. Watch them make each other cum with their fingers, lips and tongues. This is Kaylee’s first time with a girl and she is really lucky to have Leila to show her the ropes. Although it seems like she catches on pretty quickly and really enjoys it. We actually know how much she… (more…)